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This is more important than any book or training course.

How To Teach Yourself Computer Science. What You Need To Know

If you want, put in four years at a college or more at a graduate school. This will give you access to some jobs that require credentials, and it will give you a deeper understanding of the field, but if you don't enjoy school, you can with some dedication get similar experience on your own or on the job. In any case, book learning alone won't be enough. One of the best programmers I ever hired had only a High School degree; he's produced a lot of great software , has his own news group , and made enough in stock options to buy his own nightclub.

Work on projects with other programmers. Be the best programmer on some projects; be the worst on some others.

When you're the best, you get to test your abilities to lead a project, and to inspire others with your vision. When you're the worst, you learn what the masters do, and you learn what they don't like to do because they make you do it for them. Work on projects after other programmers. Understand a program written by someone else. See what it takes to understand and fix it when the original programmers are not around.

Think about how to design your programs to make it easier for those who will maintain them after you. Learn at least a half dozen programming languages. Remember that there is a " computer " in "computer science".

Know how long it takes your computer to execute an instruction, fetch a word from memory with and without a cache miss , read consecutive words from disk, and seek to a new location on disk. Answers here. Get involved in a language standardization effort. Either way, you learn about what other people like in a language, how deeply they feel so, and perhaps even a little about why they feel so. Have the good sense to get off the language standardization effort as quickly as possible. With all that in mind, its questionable how far you can get just by book learning.

Before my first child was born, I read all the How To books, and still felt like a clueless novice. Instead, I relied on my personal experience, which turned out to be far more useful and reassuring to me than the thousands of pages written by experts. Fred Brooks, in his essay No Silver Bullet identified a three-part plan for finding great software designers: Systematically identify top designers as early as possible.

Assign a career mentor to be responsible for the development of the prospect and carefully keep a career file. Provide opportunities for growing designers to interact and stimulate each other. This assumes that some people already have the qualities necessary for being a great designer; the job is to properly coax them along. Alan Perlis put it more succinctly: "Everyone can be taught to sculpt: Michelangelo would have had to be taught how not to. So it is with the great programmers". Perlis is saying that the greats have some internal quality that transcends their training.

But where does the quality come from? Is it innate?

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Or do they develop it through diligence? As Auguste Gusteau the fictional chef in Ratatouille puts it, "anyone can cook, but only the fearless can be great. But maybe fearless is a way to summarize that. Or, as Gusteau's critic, Anton Ego, says: "Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere. But you won't change your life, or your real overall expertise as a programmer in 24 hours or 21 days. How about working hard to continually improve over 24 months? Well, now you're starting to get somewhere References Bloom, Benjamin ed.

Developing Talent in Young People , Ballantine, Bryan, W. Psychology Review , , 8, Hayes, John R. Chase, William G.

Learn Computer Science by Yourself - My Hours Journey

There is no one answer, but consider these points: Use your friends. When asked "what operating system should I use, Windows, Unix, or Mac? Also consider your future friends: the community of programmers that you will be a part of if you continue. Does your chosen language have a large growing community or a small dying one? Are there books, web sites, and online forums to get answers from? Do you like the people in those forums? Keep it simple. This video provides an introduction to telecommuting, defining telecommuting and also looking at some of the advantages and disadvantages of telecommuting.

This video explores collaborative computing and provides examples of collaborative computing including DNA Folding, the Johnny Cash Project, Amazon Turk, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, Don Tapscott's Ted Talk on the four principles for the open world, and one gold-miner who crowdsourced his mining data to find his gold. This video provides an introduction to telemedicine, defining it and providing a few illustrative examples.

One of the ways we can categorize networks is by size. Another way we can categorize networks is by access. By sending wireless signals from a transmission tower, when we're in our car we can turn the radio on and the radio receives those wireless signals which then allows music to play in our car. When connecting computing devices, exactly the same thing happens: wireless signals are transmitted from one device and then another device receives those signals.

Just like humans have "rules of communication" when communicating, so too do computers have "rules of communication. Protocols will be discussed in this video. This video discusses bandwidth, defining narrowband and broadband, and it also shows you how to measure your bandwidth speed on the Internet. This video talks about modems. This video looks types of network signal transmissions - serial, parallel - simplex, half-duplex, full-duplex.

6 Best Online Computer Science Courses For Beginners

Have you ever heard of Silk Web, or Sheep Marketplace? There is a "dark web" that is also on the Internet, which is kind of like the dark back alley of the Internet. This "dark web" is more difficult to access, and you can find all kinds of illicit things occurring there. Net Neutrality is the concept that the internet should be kept neutral - all content, sites, and platforms should be treated equally.

Some businesses would like to change this so that they could make more money by charging for varying levels of accessibility. This video looks into net neutrality. There are those who have access to technology, and those that do not. The "digital divide" is a term which refers to this - some have access, some don't.

This video talks about some of the causes, and cures, for the digital divide. This video explains the various aspects of a URL. You will learn about domains, top level domains, folder structure on a server, variables after the "? An introduction to eCommerce including credit card consumer protection laws and an overview of using PayPal for financial transactions.

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