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Despite the fact that Saturn's mass is almost times that of Earth's, your weight on Saturn would be almost the same as it is on your home planet. This is because the density of Saturn is less than the density of water.

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Planets may look like tiny, twinkling stars to children, even though they're large objects that move through space under the influence of gravity. Enlighten children by showing them a scale model of the solar system or a picture of one that has the sun at its center.

Talk about how this star's massive gravitational pull draws the planets toward it, even though they never fall into the sun. Bodies in a solar system remain in orbit because of their motion around their star.

The Mysterious and Powerful Force of Gravity

If the sun disappeared suddenly, Earth and the other planets would fly off into space in different directions without the sun's gravity to hold them. Bring the discussion of orbits and gravity closer to home by describing how satellites orbit Earth the way Earth and its sister planets circle the sun. Because Earth is large and has mass, it has a strong gravitational field that causes objects to fall toward its center the same way a detached apple plummets to the ground from a tree.

The International Space Station — which the child may have seen on TV — is one popular example of an object moving quickly around the planet while falling at the same time. The moon is another body that falls around Earth about every 27 days. It's gravity along with the sun's pulls on earth's waters causing tides to occur.

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About this title Synopsis: Gravity-the strange force that guides raindrops as they fall, keeps people from falling off the Earth's surface, controls Earth's orbit around the sun, and holds billions of stars together in the Milky Way-is the focus of this intriguing resource. I always strive to achieve best customer satisfaction and have always described book accurately.

I got lot of Out of Print and Rare books in my store and still adding lot of books. Prepare the jars as described in Step 1 of Procedures prior to student arrival or class starting. Galaxies, like our Milky Way, contain mostly dark matter, a hypothetical substance that does not reflect or absorb light the way normal matter does. Although we cannot see dark matter and we have not yet detected it in a lab, its presence is made known through gravitational effects.