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Lulu can dance with me! Before Lulu can run, a tutu is around her waist, and she is up on her back legs, holding paws to hands with Tootsie, dancing. Tootsie finally has a dance partner and enjoys the afternoon. Tootsie and Lulu: Lulu Wears a Tutu , is book one in a series of stories involving these two characters. The author based this story on her daughter and the real Lulu, an English bulldog.

The story is fast, a mere 24 pages.

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Tootsie speaks only six times, four of them asking, Will you dance with me? One of the big rules of story-telling is show not tell, which is especially important in picture books, where the illustrations are of equal value to the story. I think Tootsie speaking more, especially to Lulu, would have kick this story up a notch. Kids like to repeat characters and sounds. The illustrations are cute. Tootsie has beautifully long, curly red hair. Lulu is the typical bulldog, eyes looking gruff and sad at the same time.

She is a good friend, staying with Tootsie and playing whatever Tootsie wants to play. Playing with little girls must be hard on dogs that would much rather chase a ball, slosh through a mud puddle, or simply roughhouse. Lulu might have had those same thoughts when Tootsie put a tutu around her waist in preparation to dance. It is priceless. The illustrations are colorful and tell the story, so even non-readers will know what is happening without someone reading the story lines. Boys will not like the story, but that is okay because girls will eat it up.

A ballerina of any age would also like this story, making it a great gift. Only caveat, the party must happen within 75 miles of Grand Rapids, Michigan. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. And the message?

Catch a tiger by the tale! Speaking congenially to readers, Saxby invites them to help deduce the clues. In the first case, Saxby must find a rare comic book that's gone missing from a locked safe, and he uncovers lots of interesting comic-book trivia in the process of discovering the motive—old-fashioned greed—and the perp. The middle is the most engrossing of the three stories, involving an historic mansion with a dark past where Saxby's friend finds a scroll hidden in the wall that leads them on a brain-teasing hunt to the real "Treasure of Dead Man's Lane.

Troublemaker Harry Lovecraft makes a reappearance, and his uncle plays a key role in the mystery. Generously dappled with Alley's breezy line drawings, the cases are timely and twisting enough to keep the light bulb bright in the young sleuth's mind. From his apartment above a midth-century Buffalo, N. After lunch, he wants to go back to the shop but allows himself to be lured to his room for his nap under the pretext of playing the travel game with his favorite aunt, Hattie.

Each time he falls fast asleep, but today he's determined not to succumb. One globe and a reference book are all they need. They spin the globe, shut their eyes and land near Hong Kong. Aunt and nephew refer to the book and her embellished descriptions to learn about the unfamiliar destination. It is Aunt Hattie who falls asleep this time, though, and when Tad returns to his work downstairs he tells his family that Aunt Hattie is "in Hong Kong taking a nap for me.

Double-row stitching cleverly frames the interior scenes of the family's tailor shop. A warm celebration of family and imagination. Even though he's only ten years old, he is observant and adept at using deductive reasoning. In the first of three "case files," the tale of the Ancient Mask, Saxby, with the help of his friend Izzy, discovers that the mask's real curse is a case of competitive sabotage. The second case file is a thinly disguised examination of human motivations and the effect of scare tactics as Saxby uncovers the secret behind the appearance of purple goo on his classmates' projects.

In the third mystery, Saxby sets out to find the thief of a valuable coat clasp. His progress is slowed by false suspects, but Saxby learns that it's all really a case of bad attitude. The stories are liberally illustrated with Alley's homey sketches plus representations of Saxby's notebooks. While each short mystery is involving, the distinguishing aspect of this series opener is Saxby's enthusiastic invitations to readers to participate in the sleuthing. A solid successor to Encyclopedia Brown.

After a previous title celebrating firefighters Firefighters to the Rescue , illustrated by Rich Davis, , Hamilton addresses another civil servant—police officers.

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Calls come in to the squad room, where Sergeant Santole dispatches officers to take care of each problem. A broken traffic light? That's Officer Mike's job on traffic patrol in Car 3.


He leaves the turtles he is helping across the road and rushes to direct traffic. A lost little boy in the park? Officer Jan on mounted patrol leaves the tourists she is helping with directions and gallops to help. Bank robbers?

Officer Carl on crime patrol leaves the peanut-thieving squirrels to save the day. Charming details and expressive faces abound in Alley's illustrations, which reassuringly reinforce the message that police officers can handle any emergency. A good introduction for the youngest audiences.

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Poor Wagner—he is having a rough day. First, it's April Fools' Day and he is never sure whether people are fooling or telling the truth.

Then, his best buddy Pearl chooses a different classmate to dance with at recess, leaving Wagner trying and failing to feel the beat. But finally, he turns his day around with a little April Foolery of his own. Controlled vocabulary, ample white space and familiar school setting add up to a treat for new readers who will recognize a little of themselves in sad-sack Wagner—and the joy he feels when he finally turns the tables on a bad day.

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  • Alley's expressive animal faces are just right: Wagner's wide mouse eyes tell every emotion and Pearl's rabbit ears droop and straighten with her moods, giving new readers many visual cues that will help with decoding and enjoyment. Kids who love listening to Kevin Henkes's books about Lily and her friends will enjoy reading this one themselves.

    A hungry wolf just can't catch a break in these five loosely connected folktales. All are familiar, and amiably retold in large, sequential cartoon panels. Looking dapper in top hat and three-piece suit, the wolf first takes on three pigs all of whom escape , moves on to the bored and foolish lad who cries "Wolf!

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    He unsuccessfully tries his luck again with the sheep under a woolen fleece snatched from Grandma's house, and finally proves no match for seven hyperactive goslings whose mother has gone off on an errand. McGregor's garden and considering turning vegetarian. Graphic folklore. In the past 50 years, very little has changed for the residents of 32 Windsor Gardens.

    They still live with a bear from Darkest Peru who happens to go by the name of Paddington. Moreover, Paddington is just as curious and prone to getting himself into trouble as he has always been. One minute he's been arrested for not having a driver's license, the next he's given the local travel agent seven kinds of fits.

    Though most of the stories in this latest Michael Bond title are independent of one another, the last few tales concern a visitor from Paddington's past and a lovely surprise for the whole family. Interior pen-and-ink illustrations by R. Alley act as the perfect complement to Bond's infinitely lovable bear. Even alongside such modern details as cell phones and the London Eye, Paddington's stories retain a timeless charm that will satisfy old fans and surely lure in new ones. Children's literature in its finest, purest form. For Lily, the week before Valentine's Day is filled with attempts to make the perfect heart for her Mom.

    Monday's is too pointy, though, so she hides it under the bed. It is quickly joined by Tuesday's too round , Wednesday's too square , Thursday's too curvy , Friday's too skinny and Saturday's too fat. Sunday is Valentine's Day—the day of the lopsided heart and the last of the paper. Undaunted, Lily sets to work with some tape. Her Mom doesn't care that they are imperfect, since the heart inside Lily is perfect.