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Encouraging others is a high priority in my life. Believing God for our daily needs is important to me. Influencing others for the kingdom of God through finances is extremely important to me. I look for opportunities to pray for the sick. I enjoy doing the little things that others do not. Having people over to my house is something I do often. Spending hours in prayer for other people is very enjoyable to me. I tend to motivate others to get involved. My heart hurts when I see others hurting.

I believe God will use me to enact His miracles. Caring for the hurting is paramount in my eyes. The willful sin of others really aggravates me. I enjoy serving behind the scenes. God has used me to interpret a heavenly language. I enjoy the book of Proverbs more than any other book in the Bible. I am passionate about managing details. I prefer to pioneer new ministry projects. I consider myself a craftsman or craftswoman.

I sense when situations are spiritually unhealthy. I am greatly concerned about seeing the lost saved. I try to come across loving and caring. Asking God for a list of big things is exciting to me. I find ways to give offerings above my tithe. I believe miraculous healing is for this day and age. Helping others is one of my highest achievements. Creating a warm and welcoming home is important to me. I am burdened to pray for situations in the world.

I get specific pieces of information that God reveals that could not have been naturally known. This expression implies being under the control of the Holy Spirit. We believe this is still a valid command for today, and every believer should seek to be filled or controlled by the Holy Spirit. So, what is the evidence of being filled with the Holy Spirit? Though there is a record of people receiving spiritual gifts when they were filled with the Holy Spirit Acts ; —48; , there are other instances of people being filled with the Holy Spirit where there is no mention of spiritual gifts Acts , 31; —17; —18; , Though some may speak in tongues when they are filled with the Holy Spirit, others do not.

Gifts Of The Spirit

A creed of power without the experience of power is worthless. Our expectancy should be that God will meet His people in a powerful way. However, it would be equally dangerous to demand a specific agenda or manifestation in that moment. Again, we should come to the Lord with great expectation, while seeking to free ourselves from human agendas or motives. Regardless of the gifts or manifestations a believer may experience, the fruit of the Holy Spirit, as described in Galatians —23 is the primary evidence of the Spirit-filled life.

These qualities are produced by the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer. Another strong evidence of being filled with the Holy Spirit is a fruitful ministry. We often mention the scope of our ministry—Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth, but we also need to focus on the source of power for our ministry—the Holy Spirit, who wants to fill us for a holy life and effective service.

14 Common Questions about Identifying and Using Your Spiritual Gifts:

Finally, 1 Corinthians 12 lists a variety of manifestations that occur when the Holy Spirit is ministering. We have no reason to believe this is an all-inclusive list of manifestations or evidences. Weeping, for instance, is not mentioned. Rather than demanding a single gift or manifestation as the evidence of the filling of the Holy Spirit, we ought to gratefully embrace all the gifts, manifestations and fruit that the Lord desires to bring into our lives.

Because spiritual gifts were given to build up the church, the body of Christ, as long as the church is under construction, spiritual gifts are needed. A day will come when spiritual gifts will no longer be needed 1 Corinthians However, we do not believe that this day has yet come. It will come when perfection comes 1 Corinthians However, this is not a good rendering of the Greek text. When the church, the bride of Christ is complete and perfect, that is when spiritual gifts will no longer be necessary.

It is possible for a person to neglect a spiritual gift. Therefore, it is a biblical necessity that believers discover and move in the arena of spiritual gifts. It has been said that Christians are not primarily natural beings having temporary spiritual experiences.

Spiritual Gifts Test | New Hope Oahu - Sand Island Campus

Rather, we are spiritual beings having a temporary natural experience. We live in a spiritual, Kingdom reality. If the Holy Spirit distributes spiritual gifts, then their discovery must by nature be a spiritual experience.

When we walk in obedience, we must trust that the Holy Spirit will respond with the revelation of His gifts in our lives. Having said this, there are some diagnostic instruments that may help us uncover what God has given. What kind of ministry do you enjoy the most and shows the most fruitfulness? That probably indicates where there are spiritual gifts operating in your life.

If you enjoy teaching and find that people are edified through your teaching ministry, it is likely that the Holy Spirit has given you a gift of teaching. If you find that the Lord puts people in your path who are ready to surrender their life to Christ, you probably have a spiritual gift of evangelism. If you enjoy inviting people to your home, either for a meal or to stay, you probably have a gift of hospitality.

Spiritual Gifts

These inventories also focus on past experience and are not always a good indicator of what the Holy Spirit might lead us into in our future ministry. What do the leaders and the local body think that you do best that contributes to the welfare of the congregation? When I study scripture God gives me unique insights. Creating a task list is easy and enjoyable for me.

I am attracted to ministries that start new churches. Building something with my hands is very rewarding to me. I can pinpoint issues or problems before others. I enjoy sharing the gospel with a total stranger. I look for ways to be an encouragement to other people. I trust that God has my back in every situation.

Making more money means that I can give more. God has used me to bring healing to those who are sick. Being a part of the process is fulfilling to me.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit in the Bible

I tend to make total strangers feel at home. People often describe me as a prayer warrior. Others often affirm a specific insight that I expressed about them personally. I delegate responsibilities to accomplish tasks.

I am motivated to help those who are less fortunate. I enjoy walking with someone in times of difficulty. I enjoy hearing passionate and clear preaching of the truth. I like to do small things that others pass over. I enjoy knowing Biblical details and helping others to understand them. Praying in the Spirit is encouraging and important to me. When faced with difficulty I tend to make wise decisions and choices.

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